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The Supreme Court of the United States will be confronted with the biggest test yet on the rights of the LGBT community and whether or not the Federal Civil Rights Law allows discrimination based on gender and sexual orientation. The Supreme Court Justices had earlier announced on Monday that they will be hearing cases involving people who stated they had been let go of their jobs due to their sexual orientation while also hearing the case of a funeral home worker who claimed to have been fired after coming out that she was in a transition process from the male to the female gender. These cases will be taken in the autumn with decisions on them likely to be given when the presidential campaigns are in full throttle.

The crux of the matter is whether or not the Civil aright Act of 1964 which protects people from sex discrimination, also prohibits people to be discriminated on the basis of their gender or sexual identity. Although the particular Title VIA does not expressly mention orientation based on sex or mention transgender, Federal Appeal courts in the state of New York and Chicago have ruled in Unison that the employment rights of gay or lesbian people are protected from sexual discrimination.

The courts have in the same vein extended the rulings to also mean protection for employees in the transgender community. The $64000 questions remain whether or not a Supreme Court with a significant conservative majority will tow the path of their appellate counterparts. Since the administration of Donald J. Trump as President of the United States, two more conservative Supreme Court Justice have been appointed in the persons of Neil Gorsuch and Brett Kavanaugh.

United Nations Condemn Brunei Stoning Laws.

The advancement of gay rights in Brunei has taken a hit as the country has announced a new penalty of death for people convicted of sodomy. This also goes for others convicted of rape and adultery as well as robbery and insulting the Prophet Muhammad.

The United Nations sees the new penal code as draconian in nature and a monumental step back in the attainment of human rights that are in tandem with first world countries. The new laws also mark the introduction of public flogging as punitive measures for abortion as well as amputation for petty stealing.