It can be difficult to transition. Transgender people have often had a spectrum of experiences when it comes to transitioning. There are many ways you can transition. This can be social, legal, or medical. Some may choose one or two, others may do all three, while some may choose to abstain from all the choices mentioned. A lot of people do not know what it means to transition. For the benefit of doubt, we will explain what it means.

Transition: Meaning

To transition simple means to change the way you are perceived by society. It is a change which is in alignment to how you perceive yourself. For example, Tina is born with the biological gender of a girl. But right from childhood, she has always felt like a boy. Engaging in male activities and liking girls the way a boy would. She grows up and decides to get a sex change. In this instance, Tina is deciding to medically transition into a man. But that is just one aspect of the whole process. Like was earlier said, transitioning can be medical or otherwise. Tina may choose to be addressed as a "He" rather than a "She". That is a social transition. If Tina decides to change all the names in her documents that is known as a legal transition. Transitioning also involves many layers. It can be as simple as changing your outfit or as complex as going through surgery. It can be a lifetime process while for some it takes just a little bit of time. What is true for all is; there are no tried and trusted methods for all. Transitioning is a process that is unique to the individual because no two individual is the same. Their experiences are not the same, neither is their social status or outlook on life. So each transitioning process is treated individually. But there are ways by which you can help someone who is transitioning. And if you are the person undergoing a transition, these tips can help:

  1. Shower yourself with Self-love

It is very easy to feel hurt or angry at yourself. You may blame yourself for how you feel and ask yourself why you are not "normal". But the fact is, you are normal just like everyone else. You need to accept yourself and treat yourself with love. A lot of people have fallen into depression, dropping off into the deep end because they could not love themselves enough. It is important you show yourself love as you are more often treated by others the way you treat yourself. Think of the positives of life. Find out things you can be grateful for. Loom into the mirror and love the person in it. You are special and only by loving yourself can you aspire to your true potential.

  1. Reach Out To others

No matter how you feel during this process it is always right to reach out to others. There are many people in the same sea as you so you do not have to swim alone. The LGBT community is out there to help. Make them your first point of contact. Speak to a therapist to sort out your feelings. When you reach out to others they can share in your pain and fears. And you can share in theirs too. Together you can find yourselves on the journey towards self-discovery.


No matter what your journey is on the road to transition, always stay positive. Know that you are not alone and that the LGBT community will help.